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 Get All You Can Handle With Our Money Saving Certificate Incentives!


 Customers Are The Lifeblood of Any Business. Acquiring new customers is a constant challenge for the business owner and marketing people of just about any company.

The success or failure of a business is determined by how effective their marketing plan is in
attracting new customers as well as maintaining
your current customers and clients.
 Imagine if your business could offer an unlimited amount of our '5' great certificate incentives to your customers to increase your leads! If offering these incentives were to get you just one extra sale per year, it would pay for itself.
What if offering these incentives got you just one extra sale per day, or several extra sales per week?  
We have testimonials from telemarketing centers AND Direct Marketing and Sales companies that show they increased their leads by as much as one sale per day.
We work with thousands of businesses to increase their leads and sales every day.  Let us show you how to take your business to the next level! 
4 Day 5 Night Resort Vacation Certificates,
'3 Day 2 Night' Vacation Certificates,
'8 Day 7 Night' Vacation Certificates,
$1,000 Supermarket Grocery Coupon Certificates, and $1,000 Restaurant Coupon Certificates.....
... are a great way to increase traffic that will boost sales and give your customers some real added value to all your promotional efforts by offering them these moneysaving certificate incentives.

Giving your customers these highly valued certificates 'will' increase leads or sales for your business. We GUARANTEE It!

No matter what kind of business you have, our Money Saving Certificates 'WILL' motivate your customers to take action to buy whatever it is you are selling because of the significant savings they will get by receiving and using these certificates!


These certificates are a great way for Store Merchants, Online Sellers, MLM's, Home Based Businesses, Fundraisers, Realtors, Newspaper and Magazine Publishers or any enterpreneur selling a product or service to ultimately TRIPLE their leads and sales by offering your customers:

  • A 4 Day 3 Night Resort Vacation Certificate -which includes Free Hotel Room Accommodations for '2' people!

  • A 3 Day 2 Night Vacation Certificate -which includes Free Hotel Room Accommodations for '2' people!

  • An 8 Day 7 Night Resorts Vacation Certificate -which includes Free Hotel Room Accommodations for up to '4' people!

  • A $1,000 Supermarket Coupon Certificate valid at all supermarkets nationwide!

  • A $1,000 Restaurant Coupon Certificate valid at well known restaurants nationwide! 

We give you a '1 year Distributor License' that allows you to download and print out, email and/or place any of the certificates on your website or use in any of your marketing campaigns for 1 year!

We will 'Personalize' each certificate with your name or business name (and website) under the words "COMPLIMENTS OF" shown on the certificates.

 (You can also use the certificates for your own personal use and save thousands of dollars on your own food and travel needs! You can also give and share them with your family and close friends.)


  • Proven Effectiveness!
  • High Perceived Value 
  • The Most Exciting Resort City Destinations!
  • Fulfillment-Oriented - We provide a written guarantee to honor every certificate!
  • Perfect Traffic Builder, Door Opener or Lead Generator!

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 We look forward to serving and sharing a healthy and rewarding business relationship with you very soon.


Thank You!